Skidding Pios Snap Streak At 6, Beat Watertown 8-2

The Pioneers came into Sunday afternoon on a six game skid, but with a lot of confidence against the Watertown Rapids. The Rapids had proven to be a foe that Elmira has handled time and time again. Sunday proved to be no different.

Elmira has gone through a number of pitchers this year and have not found a system they are satisfied with as of yet, so the last game before the break saw head coach Matt Burch turn to reliever Tom Cattaneo to take the ball. Cattaneo came into the game looking to redefine his role and he did just that. Tom went six full innings allowing one run, unearned, and getting 3 strike outs earning the win. 

However, more impressive than the precision pitching of Cattaneo was the effectiveness of the offense. The Pios had hits coming through the slump, but today they made them count. Brody Moore hit a groundball out to drive in Andrew Sexton in the third, Brennan Dorighi hit a single to drive in a run in the fourth followed by a wild pitch to get a second run, Nathan Peng and Dorighi again hit ground balls to drive in runs in the seventh, and Trevor Henneman had a 2 run single in the eighth. 

The Pios came in looking for answers before the break and they found them against Watertown. The question becomes how to keep momentum through a two day all star break. Find out if the Pioneers can do it Wednesday night, dollar dog night, at historic Dunn Field! Get your tickets now 607-734-2690!