Pios Come Out Swinging, Wipeout Watertown 14-9

Elmira has had its struggles on the road this season, but for whatever reason those troubles have not translated to Alex T Duffy Fairgrounds where the Pios now stand 3-0 on the season. One of the longer road trips of the summer has continually paid off for the Pioneers as not only have they won, they have been able to hit which has been an issue on the road this summer.

The hits came early and often as Elmira put up a total of 17 on the night. As usual the scoring came in bunches, but more peculiarly was that it didn't seem to stop. The Pioneers only had 0's hung up against them twice the whole game, once in the top of the fourth and again in the top of the ninth. Another continuation was the ability to answer back runs. The Pios gave up runs in the second, fourth, sixth, seventh, and eighth and each time, save for the top of the ninth, matched the run total given up in their next half of the inning. 

Perhaps the most impressive showing for the Pioneers came from their ability to manufacture runs. In the previous outings in Watertown the long ball had made the difference, but last night not only was only one hit, Trae Harmon's first of the season, but the pitching staff allowed 0 long balls. The Pioneers were able to put runners on and move them around the base paths to drive in runs. 

Speaking of Pioneers pitching Noah Rubino got the start and pitched four complete for the win before turning it over to the bullpen. Rubino's line score read 3 hits, 5 runs, 4 earned, 5 bases on balls, and 2 strikeouts. Though two strikeouts in an outing was a season low for Rubino the bullpen closed the door earning him just win number two despite a number of quality starts for the young Siena pitcher. 

The bullpen mentioned included Ben Terwilliger who pitched one complete and got himself a strikeout, Connor Takacs who pitched another one complete, followed by Tom Cattaneo who finished off the final three innings of play. Cattaneo was a teammate of Rubino's back in high school making this game a reflection of younger days as the Pioneers put up a second consecutive win. 

The Pioneers are back in action for a holiday matchup tonight as they face-off with the Rapids again this time at historic Dunn Field at 7:05 pm. Tickets are still available by calling 607-734-2690 as the Pioneers look to extend their winning streak to three in a row!