Nathan Peng Moves Into History, Pios Fall 13-3

The Elmira Pioneers came into Friday nights game trying to find a way to claim victory despite a setback on Thursday night in Watertown, but decided to spice it up by having one of their players, Nathan Peng, accomplish something that to date only 5 major leaguers have ever done, play all nine positions in one game.

Peng, a UC Davis player during the college season, has had to play multiple positions during the course of the summer already, but came into Friday nights game with a plan to play the whole field and was able to accomplish the feat with relative ease. Nathan started behind the plate then moved in order from first all the way to right field in the bottom of the eighth inning. Unfortunately due to the Pioneers being on the losing side his plan to play each position for an inning was cut short. 

Peng would play right field for three batters, but just one out as Neftaly Severino Cronier retired one batter before being replace by Nathan on the mound. Nathan threw two outs with runners on second and third not allowing another run to come across and the game came to an end just a half inning later. Peng went 0 for 3 having reached on an error with one base on balls and one strike out on the night. Only one of the Pioneers three runs was not scored by Nathan on the night as well.

In a night that otherwise would have felt very bitter the Pioneers were able to take a modicum of success as Nathan Peng penned himself into the history books completing a very rare feat. 

The Pios are back in action tonight as they have a double header against the Newark Pilots in a matchup with huge playoff implications. In two games Matt Burch has termed must wins the Pios will be celebrating Susan J Koman night! Get here early in your pink and stay late for the FIREWORKS, FIREWORKS, FIREWORKS! Call now 607-734-2690!