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Pioneers Enter July Following Amazing June

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 | Categories:

The Pioneers, currently sitting on top of their division with a 13-8 record, had an incredible June and are looking to continue their success in July. On the field, the Pioneers have the league leader in batting average with Christian Santisteban's stellar .457 average. Santisteban has three home runs on the season, and also has an impressive 20 RBIs. The Pioneers also have the league leader in stolen bases with Will Larue's 19, and the league leader in strikeouts with an incredible 36 from pitcher Kyano Cummings.

The 2015 season has been successful not just because of the players, though. The Pioneers numerous sponsors have also played a part in the team's success. "We couldn't be the team we are without the support of our great sponsors," said owner Don Lewis. Dunn Field is covered in signage from various companies, both local and nationwide. "We're proud of our relationships, especially those with local businesses," continued Lewis. "They help as draw fans through giveaways, and we provide advertising space for them. We rely on each other for success, and our sponsors are the best in the business."

The sponsorships are certainly helpful in understanding why the Pioneers have managed to draw in record-breaking crowds this season. The second game of the Pioneers 2015 opening weekend on June 6th saw the biggest crowd in fifteen plus seasons, bringing in a crowd of 4,596. "We're incredibly proud of the crowds we bring in," says owner Robbie Nichols. "Our fans are the most loyal in the league, and we have had some unfavorable weather this season. The fans have stuck with us, and we've seen increases in our attendance."

Loyalty is without question for Pioneers fans, who have increased the average attendance to 3,292 per game, up 107 fans per game in spite of some weather. The Pioneers are no familiar with high attendance, as they were third in the nation in average attendance during their 2014 season.

The Pioneers end June successful on all fronts. Already looking at excellent chances at the playoffs, the Pioneers hope to continue partnering with businesses and bringing in enormous crowds. As Nichols put it, "it's not any one thing that makes us successful, we need our sponsors, our fans, and our team."  Fortunately for the Pioneers, they have all three.

Be sure to visit Historic Dunn Field for USA weekend Thursday July 2nd, Friday July 3rd, and Saturday 4th. Thursday's game against Victor features post-game fireworks. Friday's game will feature a mini-bat giveaway courtesy of Elm Chevrolet as your Pioneers take on the Newark Pilots. There will be a jersey auction following Saturday's game as well as an M&M stadium horns giveaway. Saturday's game will be a doubleheader against Adirondack. Come see your first place Elmira Pioneers play three straight home games!