Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League
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2013 PGCBL West Division Champs

Elmira Pioneers Home Clubhouse



The Elmira Pioneers are proud members of the Perfect Game Collegiate Baseball League.

The Pioneers are one of several original charter members that comprise the PGCBL, which

was started in the summer of 2011.



The Pioneers home clubhouse features freshly painted lockers for each individual member

of the team. The lockers are separated into three different sections in main lounge area

of the clubhouse.



The "Commons" area of the clubhouse is designed for players to be able to interact with

fellow teammates during rain delays, pre/post game or on off days. This area is provided

with satellite TV, two lounge chairs, couch and table with office chairs. The clubhouse also

houses two coolers that allow for drinks/snacks to be kept cool during the summer months.



Branching off of the "Commons" area of the clubhouse are the bathrooms and showers.

This area along with all others is kept up by the home clubhouse attendant that is provided

over the course of the season. Amenities include hand/wash towels, soaps and body wash etc.  



Throughout the course of the season, players will be provided with the services of a

full-time training and medical staff. Players that may need any type of treatment or

therapy will have the opportunity to engage with the staff to best handle the player's

needs. Our training room is fully equipped with a trainer's table and hot tub as well as

various first aid items.



Located in the main hallway of the Pioneers clubhouse is the Alumni Wall. This wall

features past players as well as coaches that have wore a Pioneers uniform and

played under the lights at Historic Dunn Field.


Some notable players listed include:




Rabbit Maranville (1936)

Earl Weaver (1962-1965)

Cal Ripken Sr. (1967-1968)




Don Zimmer (1951)

Lou Piniella (1965)

Jim Palmer (1968)

Wade Boggs (1976)

Bob Ojeda (1978)

Curt Schilling (1986)